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01-05-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by SufferingCatFan View Post
Bleach Clean:

Please note that, once again, I avoid making any personal attacks upon you and attempt to engage in a dialogue based upon facts. You asked for goalie stats. Here are some comparing Lou( now 33) to Vokoun (now 36) in terms of goals against/ save percentage and salary over the past 3 seasons--admittedly not perfect or complete, but informative.

Lou 2.34/9.20% $7.5 million
Vokoun 2.45/9.29% $5.7 million

Lou 2.57/9.13% $10 million
Vokoun 2.55/9.25% $6.3 million

Lou 2.41/9.19 $6.7 million
Vokoun 2.51/9.17 $1.5 million

Please note that I agree that Lou is better and 3 years younger, but their selected stats are not that different in 2010-11 and 2011-12. Yet, as a UFA in the off season in an open market, Vokoun signed a one year contract for 2011-12 at $1.5 million, and a 2 year contract at $2 million per season for 2012-2014.

SCF, you have compelled my responses against your posts because of a spurious initial comment. Please note that as well.

I have questioned your "facts" in the last post too. No response that?

The 3 year sample is nice, but over the course of their careers, it's not close. Luongo, through many scrutinizing eyes on the Canucks board itself, is recognized as a high end goaltender... For a _very_ long time as you know. If you want to get into a 10+ year breakdown of the two goalies, and how then compare them to the field, I guess I can be convinced of breaking it down with you, but I'd rather not. I've seen the stats, over and over again, so I'm pretty entrenched in my opinion on his "status".

Can you tell me, if the difference between Vokoun and Luongo is marginal, why would Gillis offer him the lifetime contract he did at age 30? His strength has been contracts. Many Canucks are on sweetheart deals. So why this major discrepancy if he could get a Vokoun for 2m dollars in FA?

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