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01-05-2013, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
This team isnt going anywhere until those prospects become NHL'ers. And considering Blowman seems to like the players he has either traded for or chose in the draft, you cannot pass on a franchise defenseman who will become the best defenseman on the Hawks faster then slower.

I get it. The glimmer of hope that this team, constructed as it is at the moment, might get some players who peak at a certain time and might make a dent in the playoffs, with thoughts of the Cup year still fresh in so many Hawk fans heads. But the thing is, that team had a surplus of depth of which has been proven to be probably the greatest group of talent the Hawks might have ever seen, with many of those players being huge difference makers for other teams since the purge. That, isnt here anymore, and wont be until these highly reguarded prospects in this forum are on the team. Many which make the Hawks so top heavy in forward prospects that there can be a trade to actually fix what is wrong with the Hawks, namely, the defense.

You are not gonna win a Cup with a pylon like Nick Leddy playing top four minutes, sad but true. You are not winning anything with the scrap heap defenseman Blowman has kicked the tires on hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. But, what you will do, is get a projected franchise defenseman, an american kid no less, who has been compared to Pronger taking the burden off of the Hawks top pairing which would in turn make Keith play better then he has since his Norris year by doing the one thing nobody on this defense can actually do...give him a rest here and there.

Again, the Hawks have no problem scoring goals, they have a problem letting them in their own net.
I didn't even read all of this. You don't trade current, in their prime, NHL stars for 18-year-olds who may or may not turn out to be great NHLers. Simple as that.

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