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01-05-2013, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
I believe the history of the system used by the most successful professional sports franchise in North America is a little more than "fine and dandy" but whatever. And of course every league is driven by the big market teams. I am sure Major League Baseball would prefer a Dodgers Yankees World Series every other year but no matter how much money those team spend every year it doesn't guarantee it.
My point is even in the regular season MLB shows only the big teams. So do the other 3.

Originally Posted by Max Quackenbush View Post
Why should the income generated from fans in Toronto or Detroit go to pay for decrepit franchises with crumby fan bases? What do the money making teams get out of this other than a league to play in? When it was suggested the money making teams could go over the cap by they amount they contribute to revenue sharing this made sense but now it appears a percentage of every ticket sold goes to subsidize Gary's version of Robinhood's mission.
Fans will figure this out and turn on their own teams as no one will tolerate subsidizing teams to eliminate your team in the playoffs.
Because we have to maintain a fake facade of being a major sport.

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