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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
I have a cousin at CBS Studios in NYC. This is straight from the horse mouth. I'm not lying at all. KINGS17 tell me why there are no west coast teams on NBC's schedule?? Exactly. All the cap has done is make all the teams the same.

Du5656 where have a supported a 20 team league? You can have everything the NHL has now and it won't matter because at the end of the day people won't pay to watch small market teams in big tournaments. The NBA does the same thing and so does the MLB, only one has a cap. The Networks almost never promote the 30 teams concept, that's not their job that's the NHL, and as a result for the regular season you get your team, my team(NYR) and the other big markets. No one on HFBOARDS can admit that people would rather watch big then small anytime other than the NFL. Unless you get a generational star (Like Crosby, Like Malkin, like LeBron) your team is not on national TV 5 teams or 40 teams
I guess it much just be a mistake when TNT and ESPN show small market teams on national TV during the regular season then huh?

If you support an uncapped league then you support a league of 10-15 teams because there is no way the small market teams could survive in the NHL without it.

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