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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
Next to nothing.
Can you elaborate on this answer?

Last season in his first 40 games, he had 41 Pts and was 9th in league in scoring, this despite only having 3 Pts in his first 7 games of the season and this despite taking time to readjust to the faster game on the smaller ice after being away from it for 3 seasons. Jagr knows how the new faster NHL is, don't you think his losing weight and getting faster had something to do with that? I'm not saying Jagr is as good as Lemieux, but back in 2002-03, at age 40 bad back and all, Lemieux was playing at a 150 Pts pace in his first 50 games or so. Jagr is in much better shape than Lemieux was at the same age. You are really selling him short I think.

Most fans that follow Jagr, people that have actually watched him play in the Czech league will tell you he looks much better than he did last season at any point including the first half of the season before his injury.

The Flyers didn't even play a puck possession game and they barely used Jagr correctly on the powerplay where he usually operates on the right half boards, instead he was always out of position. The Dallas from all indication better suite Jagr's style of puck possession game. At 220-225 lbs he's still stronger than 90% of the league and he will always have the body and size to shield the puck from opposing players. Now add the fact that he's got the speed factor again, I think he will be much better than anyone expects.

The criticism on Jagr last season was that he no longer had the legs to skate with the fast paced NHL, well that is clearly not an issue this season.

In a 48 game season, older players don't have to pace themselves all season long and they can play all out every night. Jagr's been tearing up a league where they play on NHL size rinks with a lot of good quality players. A study was done a few years ago that says that 74% of the points scored in the Czech Extraliga translate to NHL points. That means's Jagr's 1.67-1.72 PPG would translate to 1.24 -1.27 PPG meaning in 48 games that's 60 to 62 Pts. I can tell you that not many players can put up that many points in the NHL. Sure Ovechkin, Malkin and Kovalchuk who are always in the running for the Art Ross are in game shape, but other guys like Crosby have been just training without any real game setting.

Jagr would show up to training in complete game shape. I really think those who aren't giving him a chance will be vastly surprised this year.

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