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01-05-2013, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
Honestly not even excited anymore for when they eventually get a deal done by the 11th.

Just lost all my interest for this year at the disgust of both sides. 48 games, meh, better than nothing, but they lost my interest. A 66 game start on X-Mas or w/e, would have really gotten me pumped like NBA did last year. Of course i'll be back if there is no season, but this whole dog and pony show just put a bad taste in my mouth.
Yes. I agree with this. They are going to rush to get in a BS season of 48 games and only 1 week to get guys back to their teams and start the regular season. All so the NHL can keep their sponsorship money and the players still can make a buck. I hope the lack of interest will end up sending more teams into bankruptcy and cost the players jobs.

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