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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
livewell68, first I'd like to say those are excellent points, and I'd add that both his linemates will likely be close to game shape as well.

Jamie Benn hasn't played in a few weeks, but he played enough in Germany. Loui Eriksson is still playing now.

However, because of the shorter season and the fact Jagr has never played in the West, I don't know that I believe he can be an Art Ross candidate. For one thing, think about him many divisional games Dallas will be playing. You're probably talking about 10 to 14 games against PHX and LA. He's going to be playing some very solid, very physical defensive teams in Dallas.
I'm not comparing this 40 year old version of Jagr to the 34 year old version who saw him pot 123 Pts when the last lockout ended, but Jagr usually thrives against big, solid and physical defensive minded teams. It's his puck possession game that allows him to do so. Back in 2005-06 when still with the Rangers, he played against New Jersey and Philadelphia both 8 times each (both big, strong physical teams) and Jagr feasted on them. Sure he was 6 years younger, but he was also slower and heavier.

I think part of reason why the NHL and NHLPA seem close to signing a deal as early as tonight or tomorrow is because they know they have screwed up bad with the fans. I think what they do is they sign the deal now and work for the next week on things to do to open up the game again the way they did in 2005-06 which they think would make the entertainment level on the ice a bit better. With the game more open, and hopefully with officiating cramping down on obstructions again, this will benefit Jagr probably more than most players in the NHL. He's always been amazing 5-on-5 but he's also one of the greatest players on the powerplay and that's where he could do a lot of damage and in turn help the Dallas powerplay.

I'm not betting on him winning the Art Ross either, but in Jagr's case, where you're in such great shape and you already have all world skills, even at age 40 and with a 48 game season, anything can happen.

Knock on wood, if he remains healthy for the entire season, I say he's much closer to the top 10-5 scoring than he is to being under PPG.

There is one thing I'm willing to bet on and that's that he will be far better than he was last season including how he played the first 40 games when he was still a PPG player.

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