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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Yes but we are talking about three NHL seasons. Not a lot of staying power. After failing to lead the Oilers against a weak L.A. team the vision of Gretzky would have been vastly different. There is no denying he had an unbelievable year beyond all comprehension in 1982 but the playoff failure and the fact that we would always wonder if it was just a fluke year would be a nagging question on the minds of the voters. Plus the way he would leave the game would have an effect. It's hard to believe now because we know what became of him but in 1982 Gretzky certainly had his critics and his critics LOVED the Oilers losing.
I would tend to agree here, in the 3 seasons there were 13,12, and 8 100 point players.

that's a total of 33 guys in 3 years when in the previous 19 years there was a grand total of 48 players.

Surely even as great as Wayne was he would have needed more than 3 years to get into the HHOF if something had happened then.

Like Phil mentions Wayne and the style of play the Oilers had, still had many critics and the lack of a Stanely Cup might have kept him out before maybe 83 but by 84 I think he would have been a lock after winning the cup and having 38 and 35 point post seasons along with his 212 and 196 point regular seasons.

Likewise with Mario, until he hoists the Cup in 91, I don't think he would have been a lock either.

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