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Originally Posted by MarkusNaslund19 View Post
It's interesting that Pronger could legitimately have joined Patrick Roy as the only three-time Conn Smythe Trophy winners and nobody would have batted an eye, yet he has none. I wonder if it points to him being disliked in the media, as he always comes across as a little arrogant.

2006: He should have won that one. No question. Cam Ward played well, but at no point did I think "wow, Ward is really dictating how these playoffs are going!". I grant that anytime a rookie goalie comes in and does so well when he's needed it's really impressive and a nice story for the media, but Pronger was incredible that year. And I hate the Oilers.

2007: Odd year, in my opinion the Conn Smythe was almost completely undefined in that year. That said, I personally strongly felt it should have gone to Pahlsson, followed by Niedermayer, followed by Pronger.

2010: To me, going into the finals it was Toews or Keith. I don't think it was ever Kane. But Pronger was so amazing throughout the playoffs. I really feel like he carried Philly the same way he carried Chicago. Toews would have been the no-brainer if he had continued his scoring into the finals, but he was neutralized quite well by Pronger there. Duncan Keith was amazing that whole calendar year. He was just perfect out there, was reading the game incredibly well.
But in terms of carrying an entire defense/goalie, I thought Pronger really should have gotten the Conn Smythe that year.

So in my humble opinion that's one Pronger was robbed of in 06, one he possibly should have won in 10, and one that he could have won in 07. Yet he has none.

We know what kind of player Pronger is/was, but in 50 years I think it'll make a difference in the esteem he is held in, even despite the Hart Trophy.
He is the guy that probably should have been Larry Robinson, with a Potvin mean streak. Could have easily been around the 5th best defenseman where Lidstrom sits if not for some injuries. The key word is "could". That being said he'll still go down as a great player of his generation, and a very memorable one. Had a mean streak in him that I wouldn't trade for all the tea in China.

But it isn't necessarily a travesty that he never won a Smythe. 2006 he is on the losing end. If you are a Smythe winner on a losing side the opposing team can't have a player that peaked really high and they never do. Crozier (1966), Hall (1968), Leach (1976), Hextall (1987) and Giguere (2003) all won in years where their opponents didn't have a player who blew everyone's socks off. The best is Gretzky in 1987, or Anderson. In 2006 you had a trifecta of Staal, Ward and BrindAmour. A Carolina win and one of those three wins it. I've always maintained I choose Staal, but the Canes had some impressive players who peaked high that spring.

2010, I still prefer Briere if we are only talking about Flyers, but that's just me. That being said he wasn't jobbed out of the Smythe because there was a trio of Hawks that could have won it as well.

2007 is when I voted he wins it, and deserved it. In my opinion it didn't mean a whole lot that the Ducks won both games when he was on suspension. Pronger was an intimidating force, I actually kind of liked that he went over the edge that spring. That Ducks team was partially built around intimidation and Pronger fit that bill. He deserved it in 2007 in my opinion.

But again, it wasn't clear cut which leads me to believe there is no proof that the media ignored the guy out of spite.

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