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Originally Posted by derbyfan View Post
Ah yes, the old mop and bucket. My now departed yet not forgotten hometown Streetsville Derbys (Junior B) were notorious.... It was tough yet skilled hockey. Wow I miss those Junior B days.
Played against them. And ya, some serious McNasty's playing for Streetsville, Aurora & elsewhere. Generally 4-8 players on my team suddenly "ill" or a "sorry, car brokedown" when at practice the night before dangling the light fantastique. Gutless.

I was a goalie, and got it from both sides. Being called up to a Jr.A game at 4pm, rushing out to God knows where, and only because even your parent 'A' levels clubs goalies refused to show up against the Boogeymen so much in vogue circa 69-72 at the Junior levels.

These maniacs had absolutely no second thoughts, not for a moment, to absolutely run over your skinny white ass like a freight train, and if a brawl broke out because of it, all the better. Teeth flying around your crease like a Chiclets factory. Straight arms, butt ends, cross checks to the throat, kicking, spitting in your face, you name it. Jr.B in southern Ontario back in the day, you didnt wanna "make it to the bigs", you wanted to put your opponents in the hospital. Preferably the Morgue.

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