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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
Wolves are giving it a good go but just can't score. Haydar has hit a couple of crossbars

Seems like they alternating Archibald and Sweatt with Schroeder and Kassian. Basically going with three line. given the injury situation. Archibald had a couple of very good physical shifts were he really man handled Smith.

Schroeder is having a good effort and moving the puck very well. If he is with some of the Grand Rapids talent he would be really producing IMO

Rodin got hit by a shot and might be out.

Like Connauton in this game. Pressing the play and not being so passive.

See they are interviewing Baumgartner. One thing that really grates on me is why the Canucks don't look to look to having an experienced skills coach as the main assistant. You look at Grand Rapids and you can see how the younger players are so fundamentally good. Lots of little things about keeping puck-check triangle. Seems to me their young players are getting really well brought along by their system.

Baumgartner maybe a good coach in time but he's a rookie. Also his connection to the team is the main reason he got hired. I think I would be looking for proven assistant who has a good record as a teacher of fundamentals. Player development to me is the key not breaking in rookie coaches. Know I will get static here and maybe others are working on this area.

Even from the interview it seems he is more of less in a learning mode himself.
The Griffins had the same problem last year with their old coach. Thankfully Blashill, the Wings' assistant coach last year, was "promoted" to HC of the Griffins this year. Since Blashill worked with Babcock he's been really teaching the kids what they need to do to become succesful on the Wings, which wasn't the case last year. It's amazing how much the experience of a coach can help in the minors.

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