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12-11-2003, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs4ever
as everybody knows player in Russia get $500 K, and only reason they come here is to make lot more money then that but with cap that all would change, and even high draft picks might consider staying there, as cap would pretty much make it rare for player to make $10 M, and average salaries would go down as well, I've been thinking about this for long time and thought you guys might have something to add to it, As you've seen Tarasov left mostly because of money issue as playing in AHL he was making $50 K compared to $500 K in Russian league, so would this change the scope of how the league would work, and if European player start avoiding north America all togather as it would have to be great deal of a incentive gain for them to leave their country to begin with??
You also have to consider that the NHL's reputation of being the top hockey league in the world is working in its favor when it comes to attracting Euro's. Besides, even with a salary cap (which could go between 30 and 40 m$), there would still be room for high-paid players. Only difference being that top players will make ONLY 4-6 m$ instead of 10-12 m$...

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