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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
As much as you may want to criticize his actual play
Not to nitpick this part of your post, because it was taken with good spirits and wasn't really disagreeable as a whole, but the quoted is my aim. A coach will "take" a timely goal, yes, but a good coach doesn't allow the wool to be pulled over his eyes. 59 minutes of crap isn't necessarily undone by a goal in the last one. A win helps cover blemishes, certainly, but you can slap as much lipstick on a pig as you want, I'm not kissing it...

Example that's fresh in my head (I just did a 2000+ word article on the WJCs without stats basically, just notes and memory, so I can't think of much else right now...) : Yaroslav Kosov records a natural hat trick against Germany and wasn't named as Russia's best player. On paper, he looks great. On the ice, the goals were of immaterial and didn't hold a ton of value. The directorate (or whomever) made the right choice. Here, I'm scared there'd be a thread "Who should have won player of the game on Dec. 29, 2012 vs. Germany?"

Some (many? C1958?) teams assign grades to their players after each game...usually the coaches get together with the GM and talk about it and hand out a grade (1 to 10 isn't at all uncommon). Byfuglien scoring a goal might turn a 5 or 6 into a 6 or 7 for them, but it doesn't turn a 5 or 6 into a 9 or 10...that's what I'm trying to say. You nailed it, actual play...

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