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Originally Posted by NoShowWilly View Post
just do 30 Team Double Elimination (with a wild card tournament)

Round of 30 - Best of 5. Round of 16 - Best of 5, Round of 8 - Best of 5, Round of 4 - Best of 7,
Round of 2 - Best of 7, Stanley Cup Final Best of 7.
1 get bye on each side. Bet they appreciate that loss in playoff revenue.
Round 1---QF--------SF--------CF------------FINAL A---------CF----------SF-----------QF----------Round 1
2 vs 15--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 vs 15
3 vs 14----1 vs 8--------------------------------------------------------------------------1 vs 8------3 vs 14
4 vs 13----2 vs 7----1 vs 4----1 vs 2--------1 vs 1----------1 vs 2------1 vs 4-------2 vs 7------4 vs 13
5 vs 12----3 vs 6----2 vs 3----------------------|--------------------------2 vs 3-------3 vs 6------5 vs 12
6 vs 11----4 vs 5---------------------------------|----------------------------------------4 vs 5------6 vs 11
7 vs 10----------------TOP BRACKET WINNER vs LOSER BRACKET WINNER----------------------7 vs 10
8 vs 9---------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------8 vs 9
--------------------------------------- STANLEY CUP WINNER -------------------------------------------------

All Loser Bracket Rounds are Best of 3. Ranks are determined by Round Eliminated and then Point Standing.

RD 1--------RD 2---------------------------RD 3----RD4------------------RD5------RD6--------RD7
----------QF L1 vs LT Champ--SF L1 vs RD2 W8--CF L1 vs RD3 W6---W1 v W4-W1 v W2- FINAL 1 vs W1
L1 vs L14--QF L2 vs RD1 W7--SF L2 vs RD2 W7--CF L2 vs RD3 W5---W2 v W3-
L2 vs L13--QF L3 vs RD1 W6--SF L3 vs RD2 W6--RD3 W1 vs RD3 W4
L3 vs L12--QF L4 vs RD1 W5--SF L4 vs RD2 W5--RD3 W2 vs RD3 W3
L4 vs L11--QF L5 vs RD1 W4--RD2 W1 vs RD2 W4
L5 vs L10--QF L6 vs RD1 W3--RD2 W2 vs RD2 W3
L6 vs L9 --QF L7 vs RD1 W2--
L7 vs L8 --QF L8 vs RD1 W1--

LT - WILD CARD LOSER TOURNAMENT between the bottom 7 teams. everyone plays everyone Once. Round Robin. Standard Tie Breakers apply. Winner gets a spot in next round.
So, we don't need a regular season then.

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