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Originally Posted by Gnashville View Post
Which is why the growth clause is in the RS agreement. It means ticket prices should match the growth of the league.

Not my expectations the NHL's. Do you own one of these teams?? If an owner are OK with the teams ticket prices and not getting a full share of RS. Why complain so much when you can not do any thing about where teams are located unless you find 200 million bucks or so under your bed. The NHL cares very little what you, me, or anyone on here think.
I might not have 200 million, but I suspect there are markets that do.

I get it, never mention anything bad about new markets. Never voice an opinion that the 30 current markets are anything but the best markets available. The inability of these markets to do well is because the Canadian teams run their markets too well, and there are leagues of minions, who are part of some grand conspiracy all working in concert to invent spurious charges to keep the new markets down.

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