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01-05-2013, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Canada has had 55% of the NHL's population for about 15 years ever since it dipped below 60%. It hasn't really changed recently. The top end players are all at least half Canadian. The year end all-stars, the award winners, the scoring leaders, etc. they are all about half Canadian still. I don't know what travesty fell on Canada in 2013 because they were a disgrace to our country but there is so much talent to choose from in Canada and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We just saw Canada win 5 gold in a row, lose two tight gold medal games and lose a couple of semifinals. Canada won a medal at the WJC 14 years in a row which will never be touched. The players from 2005 are still only 27 years old at best, plus a whole slew of others since then. Canada is doing fine although I'd sleep better at night if we won those golds recently. 2030 is 17 years away. I assume we'll still have 50% of the NHL talent by then as well.
Posts like this show why Hockey Canada/Canada Hockey fans and arrogance go perfectly together. 14 WJC in a row will likely never be beat but we are talking about the future not the past which several Canadian fans, like yourself, live in. USA and Europe will likely make up over 50% of the NHL in 15 Years with Canada being in the high 40s. Kids in Canada have more options for sports now and the numbers have been flat for awhile while growing in other places. Canada will still have more players in the NHL but it will go down.

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