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01-05-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Sportsfan1 View Post
So order of needs for the Vikings this offseason:

1. LEGIT Quarterback as another option if Ponder's game goes to heck again next year.
2. Defense back, cornerback, safety, needs a s*** ton of help.
3. Defensive line. Williams suck and Allen is getting older.
4. Linebacker needs help.
5. WR, signing and/or trading (Larry Fitzgerald maybe).
6. Offensive line, also still needs a s*** ton of a help
7. Resolve whatever is up with Percy situation.

This team may have surprised, but still such a LOOOOOONNNG ways to go to really be legit.
I think the Vikings already have Allen's replacement. Everson Griffen's natural role would be Jared Allen's. He's the pass rushing style DE who provides run support. Robison's spot in this d-line is primarily run support, and griffen in that spot is not playing to his strengths.

My order:

1) An outside, Move the chains WR. They don't need a deep threat, they need a guy who is similar to Michael Jenkins in style of play, but not over the hill.

2) Inside Linebacker. Brinkley hits like a truck, but cannot cover. It's too important of a position in the Tampa 2 defense to have subpar play at that position.

3) Veteran backup QB. You have to make an evaluation of whether you want to keep riding MBT as your 3rd string, or move Webb to that role. A guy like Hasselbeck would be a good start. Alex Smith would be great if he becomes available (Smith would start)

4) RG. Fusco cannot handle big defensive lineman. He's a nice late round pick of a player, and will be great depth for this offensive line if he's not a starter. They need a road grade type RG.

5) Re-sign Loadholt. He has issues pre snap occasionally, but he's the type of downhill blocker the Vikings need in front of AD

6) Defensive Line. You can probably milk one more season out of K-will, you need to groom his replacement.

7) More corner depth in the draft. Winfield won't be around forever, Sherels is only a special teamer.

8) Cut Mystral Raymond, sign competition for Sanford.

9) Percy... IDK what to say about him... If he wants to be here and issues are resolved sign a long-term deal. If not, find a trade partner and stockpile picks.

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