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01-06-2013, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
That's not what they did.

If they gained anything over the last no-games-lost offer, it has to be accounted for over the length of the next CBA. If the net loss for this season is only $550M ($800M - $90M - $150M) they only need an improvement of $60M a season over the 10 year term to have come out ahead.

I suspect they did rather better than that...we'll know when/if the deal is finalized.
My understanding is that what you just described is not within the realm of possibility as long as we're talking about 50-50 and the "make whole + pensions" money comes in at less than $750M. And unless something drastically different than what's being reported is in this deal, I don't see that as plausible at all.

Plus you have to add in the effect of all the curmudgeons like me (and casual fans) who aren't going to come flocking back to the game as a result of this lockout, which has a deflating effect on future salaries.

Plus that $150M in salary cap money isn't a real gain - it just allows teams to budget up to $65M. If 50% of HRR ends up being $50M, then that's what they'll get after escrow. By my account, we're still talking $750M in lost salary offset by $300M in make whole + pension money. They might get a little more than 300, but it's going to fall far short of breaking even.

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