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01-05-2013, 11:19 PM
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Seemed to me that this team never got an identity or direction. Seemed like Sprott left it up to the players to be leaders and never established his firm direction over the team. May have been intimated by having established stars like RNH and Hamilton on the team.

Seemed like roles and positioning were not clearly defined. Too much time was wasted deciding on who would play 6th and 7th D-man positions, 4th line forwards and back up goalie. (and then this disregarded in terms of who they choose since guys who played better were cut anyways). time could have been spend in establishing set units and sticking with them.

Also selection process itself deserves criticism. Everyone knew Reilly and Murphy had defensive issues and you could probably not go with both or possibly either of these players. Ultimately player like Wetherspoon looked better and team might have looked more for people who could handle things in their own end. Almost like they had the mindset they were going to run teams out rink with their offensive prowess rather than building a sound system from the goal out.

Team Canada has won in the past through sound defense and grinding the other team down. Goals eventually came not from spectacular offense but from breaking other teams down and banging in loose pucks. This team looked like they could just rely on their offense skills rather than getting into a gritty game and relying on their positioning. In the end their defensive positioning in the mid ice and defensive end were their undoing.

Team needs a coach who knows what he wants and gets his team to play it rather than stoking the egos of established stars and letting them play pond hockey. Sutters, like some mentioned, fit that mold.

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