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Originally Posted by TaketheCannoli View Post
I'm curious where you saw that. That's interesting.

Why would you prefer those metrics are removed? I may be missing something, but I think it is a good idea to incent teams to build their revenues and attendance.

But hey, I'd also like to see NFL style media rights management and I think NHL ownership is too feudal for that approach.
It was something Fehr had said way back at the beginning when RS was "the important" item. No clue how that manifested between then and now.

As for why? Owners have to know that it's in their best interest to grow their revenue streams, attendance, etc. How effective that is doesn't really make much of a difference for anyone other than them. So if they're going to get a 13m cheque, why should it matter how effective they were or weren't? Telling them you 'must' hit these numbers or no cheque for you isn't right. For the teams that need this, it's not like it's something they can just pocket - they're posting losses.

The only way I'd support something like that is if everyone is healthy enough and RS really isn't needed, the cheque is big enough that it takes them from a loss to a healthy profit, or that it makes the team in #16 have less of a loss (or more of a profit) than the team in #15th spot.

I guess there's some rules you'd have to put around it, but honestly, I'd rather them just cut the cheque without finding as many ways as possible to not write it to some clubs. As long as teams are making an effort to do everything possible, then leave em be.

Yeah would fully support the NHL changing how it's sharing TV monies. But that raises other issues when it comes to their wealth transfer system. If you're taking straight cash from the top teams, then chances are they need those TV deals, or you're dialing back the size of the RS cheque. Then you need to know whether what teams are getting from the new TV money is enough to justify cutting back on the RS cheque. I know splitting the gate really did sweet **** all for most teams, and those actually getting a RS cheque, are better off just getting the cheque.

I've been looking for trouble... but trouble hasn't been cooperating!

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