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01-06-2013, 03:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Thornton did win a championship that year though did he not? I am just saying that in all the threads I have seen discussing Thornton's HHOF chances I have never even heard a word about his 2004-'05 season bumping him up. You'd think there would be, but there isn't. Malkin is probably playing another decade in the NHL and could win a lot more hardware. With all that I expect him to accumulate in his career I don't even think the 2012-'13 partial season in the KHL (I am assuming the NHL is back for half a season) will be elevated to even a footnote status. Right now it seems mildly important but it will soon be forgotten. If the WHA is more or less irrelevant to a player's HHOF status I don't see why a KHL season wouldn't be either.
I hear what you are saying, and partially I do agree, but Thornton's season in Switzerland is not a good point in my opinion. The 2012-13 KHL is a much better league.

And to your point that Malkin would leave his team in the dust the minute the deal is signed: sure, we know that the NHL is still more important, but he also has a contract. And on another side note: he would leave the Penguins in the dust as well if the NHL wouldn't let the players play in Sochi 2014, so the NHL is not above everything.

Like I said, this KHL season should get more credit, because it might be the best "alternative league" for players to compete over the stretch of the last three lockouts.

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