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Originally Posted by Dr Jan Itor View Post
I like America taking credit for the gold medal that Teows was a part of. Suck it.
Sorry what? I absolutely loathe Toews even ignoring the fact that he was a sioux, the shootout itself is a ridiculous way to decide games and with the same shooter multiple times? So dumb but whatever thats the past.

In any case it was a good tourney and the U.S team played a very interesting style and a fun one IMO. There was no one out there with the speed of the americans and that's how they beat their opponents. The conditioning of this team was amazing, they weren't nearly the most skilled but every single line was filled with speed and hustle, when you win every single battle to the puck your opponents will always break and leave openings and that's how the US struck and took advantage, Gibson provided the big stops when needed and gave the US great reactionary opportunities and the forwards came up big when they had their chances.

Kind of the reason that I think Lucia played the bench role in the key games, he was clearly a step behind speed-wise from the rest of the ludicrously fast bottom 6 that the US utilized. Grimaldi made a lot of bad plays and turnovers but he was so fast and worked to come back so his offensive chances outweighed the mistakes with a goalie like Gibson and strong defensive players to cover him, making him a very strong fwd for the team which lacked some offense that wasn't from the blueline. Gaudreau was a bit of the same thing, even with his lapses and weak, easily intercepted cross ice passes the team was able to cover and his offensive abilities were able to be utilized without hurting the team.

Trouba was easily the player of the tournament IMO (outside of goalies), he was amazing last year too but he took his game to a much larger role this year and ran wild. Seth Jones was good but not great IMO, he certainly has the physical tools and reminds me a lot of Erik Johnson pre injury, but there are still a lot of weaknesses to his game and he will need some adjustments to his defensive game to be a top defender in the NHL.

The Canadians were a huge disappointment and looked like a bunch of overrated divers throughout the entire tournament, Schiefele (wow he was awful), Hamilton and Murphy in particular were huge let-downs and embarrassing I'm sure for the Canadian fans. RNH played great at times and then disappeared for long stretches, Huberdeau I thought actually played quite well and better than I expected but only when he was with RNH, Canada was really dumb for playing Drouin on the top line. They should have switched Schiefele for Strome and kept RNH and Hubs together. Drouin was only mediocre, had chances but also a few turnovers that won't be acceptable at the next level and he didn't utilize his offensive chances well enough. Mackinnon was good in his limited role and looks to be a great cycler at the NHL level, definitively the top pick in my eyes.

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