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06-11-2006, 10:33 AM
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I was in Toronto of all places in the first year of tech college. One of my roommates was a Leaf fan and was crying when LA put them out. What a wuss! Overall the city was in a hockey hangover and I was one of the few that was still excited.

The night they won there was a couple dozen of us from school and we all got together at this apartment , 3 girls from Nova Scotia, because they had the largest TV.. and because they knew how to party. They had an old floor model from the 70's but it had real crappy reception.

We were all standing in the living room and the picture went snowy. I could barely pick out Carbo hoisting the cup, partially because of the snow and partially because of the crapload of beer I drank that night. So I hoisted my beer in celebration. And then a "Canadian miracle" happened.

Once I extended my beer up in the air, it must have acted like an antenna. The picture became almost crystal clear! I could see Roy and the guys skating around with the cup in the air. I can still recall the fuzzy memories to this day.

Only problem was that whenever I took a sip of beer, the picture would go all snowy again. It was tough and I had one hell of a cramp in my left arm next day. 1993 was one hell of a year.

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