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01-06-2013, 05:34 AM
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stevezipay 2:54am via TweetDeck Ron Hainsey said pensions,a tough issue, was centerpiece of deal for players, as well as holding on to other rights

RealKyper 2:55am via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Sources say new #NHL #CBA deal includes a contract variance of 35% year to year.

Real_ESPNLeBrun 2:57am via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Further to @aaronward_nhl reporting Year 2 cap at $64.3 M, I can add that Year 2 floor will be $44 M

RealKyper 2:58am via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Also on new #NHL #CBA contract variance lowest number can or be 50% less than highest. Example. 10m-5m

jessespector 2:59am via Tweetbot for iOS
Doan said he'd heard suggestions of locking everyone in a room. "The mediator kind of did that."

TGfireandice 3:01am via TweetDeck
Bettman said they should have more later today on schedule, when season will start, ect.

wyshynski 3:14am via TweetDeck
Reports the NHL will be back in the Olympics for 2014. Yeah, b/c there was any chance that wouldn't happen with the NBC contract.
FMCS statement

"On behalf of the FMCS, I want to extend our congratulations to both parties for their important accomplishment. The negotiated agreement represents the successful culmination of a long and difficult road in which the parties ultimately were able to reach mutually acceptable solutions to a wide variety of contentious subjects of bargaining. Of course, the agreement will pave the way for the professional players to return to the ice and for the owners to resume their business operations. But the good news extends beyond the parties directly involved; fans throughout North America will have the opportunity to return to a favorite past time and thousands of working men and women and small businesses will no longer be deprived of their livelihoodsLast but surely not least, I want to recognize the extraordinary contribution that my colleague, Scot Beckenbaugh, Deputy Director for Mediation Services, made in providing assistance of the highest caliber to the parties throughout the most critical periods in the negotiations."

RealKyper 3:14am via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Sources tell Sportsnet new #CBA deal includes revenue sharing at 200M plus 60M growth fund.

RenLavoieRDS 3:22am via Twitter for BlackBerry®
2 amnesty buy outs per team before season 2013-14. Won't count on the cap but on players share.

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