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Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
Why not in September? Bettman/Batterman were too busy then with take it or leave it proposals, betting on the players capitulating.

Why now? My bet is NBC and other major sponsors came to the realization Bettman's tweaks were significantly greater than they were lead to believe. Thus the sponsors told the Bettman they were going to reconsider their involvement in the league.
Negotiations didn't start in a timely manner because Fehr said he needed time to get up to speed.

This last negotiation is the first time the PA engaged the league, until now they have given "alternate" proposals stuffed with poison pills.

Real negotiations could have been done off the October proposal but evidently even as late as the early December negotiations Fehr told the players to hang on, they could get more if they waited until the last minute..

Monday they would all have been compelled to go to court. Perhaps the NHLPA case was not something Fehr waned to give a test run.

The debate will now be whether or not Fehrs strategy of stonewall and delay was worth it.

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