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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post

Told possible reason #CBA deal. Bettman under intense pressure from major sponsors. Sponsors nervous investing again in "devalued product"

I think Bettman may have just saved his job by losing the fight. He caved on pretty much every issue, contract length, year 2 cap @ 64.3, year-to-year variance, pensions, revenue sharing. About the only thing the NHL got in return was the 10 year CBA with opt-out at 8.

This looks like it was a big win by Fehr, he really stuck it to Bettman. Bettman played hardball until the sponsors threatened to pull out, and then he was forced into desperation mode and caved in.
We'll have to wait for the final details but Bettman seems have done ok

Capped max length to 7/8 years down from unlimited

50% total variation, 7/8 max years, should stymie back diving enough

Ahlers on NHL money count against cap.

2 buyouts, but players buyouts count against players' HRR share

More money for weak franchises via rs. Win for Bettman over tight owners and win for the players.

64m cap down from 70m. 60m was never real IMHO, this is just a repeat of the NBA with the cap stalling for a few years.

And of course 50-50 split.

Both sides have done ok, Nhlpa did better than October offer but there's nothing here that couldn't have been sorted out a year ago without missing half a season and half a seasons pay.

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