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01-06-2013, 07:16 AM
Change is good.
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RIP NHL Lockout (September 15th 2012 - January 12th 2013)

This deserves its own thread, no? Confirmed by all the reputable sources on Twitter, but here's a concise tweet to confirm:

#CBA Fehr and Bettman made joint statement, confirmed that framework for deal is done. Ratification still needed

Here's what's been reported so far:

- 10 year deal with mutual 8-year opt out.
- This year's cap at $70.2MM; next year's cap at $64.3MM.
- Floor for both years is $44MM.
- Contract term limits at 7 years, 8 for a player re-signing with the same team.
- Contract variance: maximum drop in any one year is 35%; maximum drop over the life of the deal is 50% of the highest salary year. (Per Kypreos)
- Revenue sharing at $200M with a $60MM growth fund. (Per Kypreos)
- 2 compliance buyouts to be executed prior to 2013/2014.
- Pension based on MLB model with losses funded by owners (whatever that means). (Per Lavoie)
- 50 or 48 game schedule this year, depending on how long ratification takes. 50 game season would start 1/15, 48 game season 1/19. (Per LeBrun)
- "Draft lottery will change. All 14 teams fully eligible for 1st pick overall. Weighting system may remain, but 4-move restriction out." (Dreger)
- "Sup discipline: Shanahan 1st, appeal with Bettman 2nd. For 6 or more games neutral third party will decide if necessary." (Dreger)
- "Salary arbitration walkaways: cannot happen unless player award is at least $3.5 million, indexed to increase every year at rate salaries do" (Friedman)
- Free Agency date remains at July 1, except for this coming summer when it will have to be moved due to the longer season. Date being discussed is July 5.
- Olympics participation and a couple of other things to be settled separately.

No doubt some of this will be adjusted slightly as more terms are leaked and the final paperwork gets drafted. What other details does everyone have?

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