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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Work stoppage not necessary if NHLPA had started negotiating in earnest when invited to a year or go or anytime in the past few months.

Lockout is par for the course with any League now to avoid a strike before playoffs.
The league needed to bring down the player compensation and close some loopholes.
Bettman has had a big hand in saving some teams including the Sens and in growing the league. He also takes on all the venom that would normally be directed to the owners.

He will retire within the next 10 years anyway so likely wont be around for the next CBA, but unless the PA start negotiating earlier in earnest next time we will just see all the vilification aimed at Daly instead or whoever comes next.
You are grossly mistaken if you believe starting to negotiate earlier would have changed one thing.

An opening lowball offer, take it or leave proposals, walking out of negotiations, refusing to meet, weren't the tactics of the NHLPA.

This lockout was about union busting, unfortunately it took the NHL over 100 days to realize this just wasn't going to happen this time.

Lockouts are about management taking advantage of current US labor law, it is why sports PAs file for disclaimer.

Bettman didn't save the Sens, that was left for Melnyk.

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