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Originally Posted by Leehh View Post
Foppa is naturally BIG. Back in the days he was drafted kids didn't do weight lifting, it was rare when you saw someone fit at the draft, now it's rare when you see someone out of shape. Lindholm just doesn't have those bull like genes. Just look at Foppa as a teenager. He had a huge frame frame for a 6'0 guy, that's why he was able to play the way he played it.

Actually Foppa was pretty small as a kid. He had to learn to be really elusive because he couldn't physically compete, his physical game didn't pick up until he started applying himself seriously at the gym, something that his friend Naslund suggested to him as he was much more physically developed than Foppa at that age. That's how Peter ended up being physically dominant but with the technical skills and elusiveness of a small guy, and I don't think Foppa was all that big relative to NHL even at his peak. At least that's how I recall it my memory might be off but it's explained in the Peter Forsberg documentary.

If anyone's interested. It's from 7:35 on.

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