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01-06-2013, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
Daly's hill to die on, was 5/7.
Nobody should take posturing seriously. TV is for TV.

In comparison, 7/8 is a win for the players. Queue the wacky sign-and-trade deals.
Good for teams losing players, mild incentive to stay with expansion teams. But not overwhelming. Split system is ainor win for Bettman and something Fehr would not have wanted.

Source on the AHL part? I've heard that it would count against HRR but I haven't seen them say cap.
Pretty sure you have it backwards. It is to punish teams not players, I'd anything it should prevention quality guys like Redden being hidden in the AHL.

Bettman called rs a distraction by the players, he was against it. This is a win for the players because weaker markets will have more money to exceed the cap floor. Bettman will be in hot water from the top revenue teams of the league over this.
I don't think Bettman is against it, just he thought Fehr was trying to use it as a distraction. I like it, good outcome for all.

NHL came back with 62, but NHLPA's 'hill to die on' was 64.3.
Nhlpa were sitting on 67.5m hill to die on. All just bargaining BS from both sides. 60m cal was alway BS, ie if you based it off 50% this year was 62.6m, assuming no growth. It also seems with floor is now 20m+.

Let's put it another way: 5% growth and 50% split would have seen the cap at 65.3m for 13-14. They nhlpa took 64m, a deal worse than would have happened naturally under 50-50 split had a work stoppage not occurred

On final point, I disagree. This deal doesn't get done at all if the sponsors hadn't put pressure on Bettman. This pressure wasn't forthcoming until games lost and sponsors hurt.
Both sides cut a deal because of the potential of a lost season. Once the Nhlpa caved on linkage and 50-50 the NHL gave way on it's ambit claims.

I still find it unfathomable this deal couldn't have been struck a year ago.

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