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Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
Okay my arguments are wrong...and you were able to show that. I'll be darned. You just dont like what I'm saying. I think that's something different. I dont say the sky is yellow or that Elvis is still alive. I made some fair arguments. You asked for it but I should have known better after what I read from you already. We should not bet against it that he will ever turn into a similar player like Mike Richards for example. You are never going to like what I'm going to say because I'm dealing with a homer, sorry to say that. The point of a discussion is to try and get the guy on the other side to understand where you are coming from. Yeah sure buddy, what world are you living in. You compare statistics/players from other teams like its 1+1=2 and than I'm 'proven' wrong because you say so. Montreal finished close to dead last because they have DD playing prime minutes. That's not his fault only, he makes the best out of it and they line up 17 other players. I say that because you act like he's the next best thing but than they would not have picked 3rd overall in the draft. Nice player, but not very good. When they are a contender again, then Desharnais will not be playing for Montreal anymore. I've rarely seen a person being so offended and annoyed by a fair opinion from somebody else.

I didnt even list some facts somebody else did, like on-ice shooting% (10.39), offensive zone starts %, that he led all forwards in PP time/game (3:18), ranking 12th among NHL centers. Why dont you bother to respond on that.
Fair opinions never offend or annoy me. Statements made in ignorance with nothing to back them up, do.

I can easily reply to the OTHER guy's "statistics", and will. The funny thing will be watching you complain about how I show them to be irrelevant afterwards. I didn't dispute DD's on-ice shooting percentage because it doesn't say anything negative about the player. He is a playmaker who takes a lot of shots. Getting the puck on the net is an important aspect of the game, especially when you have a couple of power forwards to be in front of, or go crashing into, the net. His shooting percentage certainly didn't hinder Pacioretty and Cole getting over 30 goals each.

Yes, DD led his team in offensive zone start %. Did you and your buddy ever think that it was a reward for the hard work and great play making the guy has? Did it ever cross your minds that he gets those offensive zone starts because he is a point producing offensive minded player? Never mind, we both know the answer to the questions, no need to waste time actually trying to respond.

Desharnais was actually 18th amongst all centers in PP TOI/Game. He was 70th in PPTOI/Game in the entire NHL. He was 12th in Total TOI for the season because he was healthy all season, unlike a lot of the other players who would normally have received more TOI throughout an entire season. The reason he had so much TOI/G and throughout the season is also easy to understand, though:
...wait for it...
...wait for it...

because his PLAY EARNED it.

I know, I know, a SHOCKING revelation. It is ok, calm down, relax...breathe...breathe! Ok, feel better? Good. You see, in the NHL (as in most sports) if a guy is doing his job well (and DD's job is to produce points), he gets rewarded in many ways. A heart and soul player who helps his team produce points will get a lot of PP time. So, yes, DD DID have a lot of PP time.

Listen, I totally understand if you don't want to reply to the above post. I know how hard a time you have with actual facts. Just simply come back and say "DD is a nice player but no serious contending team would want him because of ..." and you will feel better about yourself in the morning. We can agree to disagree and have a nice day...

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