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01-06-2013, 09:16 AM
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I don't think anybody is denying the complete and utter stupidity of both sides in this conflict, and the irony of the fact that the people who pay their salaries are also the people who were hurt the most by this lockout. It's a completely senseless situation that was only allowed due to the way unions work and the fact that players didn't want to repeat the experience from 7 years ago where they got bent over and slapped. They could've reached some kind of temporary agreement where they each keep 40% of the revenues and stash the remaining 20% in a safe somewhere to be used once a more permanent agreement is ratified... but that would've made way too much sense.

As a fan, you can only hope you're not the only one who feels the way you feel about the whole situation (and in this case, believe me, you're probably right). A lot of people I know are going to tune in to the games, but will refrain from buying any official merchandise for a while - I think it's the most realistic course of action for anyone who wishes to make their unsatisfaction known to the NHL. Yeah, they won't go bankrupt, but they'll certainly feel that their wallet is much lighter than they first expected, and they'll have nobody to blame but themselves. It's a shame that that's what our power is limited to, but I don't really see anything else that could be done.

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