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06-11-2006, 02:54 PM
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I'm surprised they didn't wait till camp if they sign him now. I'm all for seeing him and Aubin signed plus I expect big things from Chipchura. Hamilton will have some interesting players especially if they add a Grabovsky or Emelin if possible. The defense right now is the major concern for Hamilton. Losing Cote won't help but if he doesn't make the team I hope the jackets don't pick him off waivers.

At first I wasn't even sure he was old enough to play in Hamilton since he turns 20 in late october or novemeber but then I red that as long as you turn 20 before Jan 1st of the season, you can play in the A. Plus the fact that he only played 2 seasons of juniors, although he plays a such a smart game that the only concern I would have would be his lack of upper body strength, even lower might need to be improved to help him against pros. His speed should really help him and he's a hard working player that plays a good all round game, he seems to be able to do most things well. I really look forward to seeing what he can do.

Aubin I would expect to be in Hamilton next year although like Blind Garden says if they can't get good minutes then back to juniors or I would add the ECHL. I personally would rather see Aubin in the ECHL then the QMJHL, but that's cause I think he needs to be in a more physical league against men. He seems to have really improved his offensive game, so I am under the impression that playing in a more physical league in the ECHL it might be better for his career then racking up points in the Q against people younger then him. Hopefully his confidence is sky high after a great season and he works out really hard over the summer. Would be nice to see him D'Agostini, and Chipchura all adding some offense to the Dogs.

Another good thing for fans is that they will start to get a better feel for the '05 draft which has a lot of hype and has backed it up with perhaps the best season one entire Habs draft had after being drafted in any draft that Savard/Timmins have been around for, and that's with a so so season from it's top pick in Price, an up and down year from Latendresse and a disappearing act from Mikus who was highly regarded by scouting agencies. D'Agostini, Aubin and Kostitsyn all had outstanding years (and even more impressive is that they were drafted between 130th and 200th) then add a solid freshman year for Paquet as a true freshman. Imo he had around the same kind of season Wyman had in his freshman year although it's hard to compare a forwards season with a defensemens but both were true freshman coming out of the USHS, which is not as comon as it used to be. These days more kids from the USHS seem to go to the USHL and play a year or two before making the jump to the NCAA. Of course top talent will do this and a rare few will even go a year early but that's usually rare. Both were 3rd on their team in scoring for freshman, all the other freshman ahead of them were a year older except 1 player Shea Guthrie (NYI pick)

Paquet somehow got 91 pims. He led the team in minors with 36 and his 91 pims was 2nd on the team. He didn't appear all that physical in the games I saw but I still need to see him more to get a better feel for him. I hope they show a couple of Clarkson games on CSTV cause they are a fun team to watch they can put the puck in the net and could be a good team next year after a good season this year, they have a lot of young talent between their freshman and sophomore classes imo. Paquet from what I'm told wasn't taking a lot of good penalties, so that's something he'll need to work on. Hopefully he can have a strong sophomore year like Wyman did. Wyman was solid in his freshman year but almost doubled his offensive production the next year and seemed to get more involved in the play. He's becoming a big, strong kid so he'll have power in his game, will hit, skates well with decent speed, just needs his hands to get him some more goals. Dartmouth should have a big year and hopefully Wyman is a big part of that success.

Offensively Paquet had a much better freshman year then O'Byrne with more then triple the points and he was a year younger since O'B played in the BCHL. I look foward to seeing what Paquet can do over the next couple years, he's got an interesting core of skills, he's already big and should grow, he's got the body frame of Hainsey at that age, tall but solid build, good skating stride and speed perhaps Paquet is a better skater/faster then Hainsey was at that age but I didn't get to see Hainsey's freshman year that I can recall, just that Paquet is a really good skater with good speed. Hainsey also made the jump into the NCAA at 18, he came from the US National program though just like Komisarek did although Komo was a year older then Paquet/Hainsey were for their freshman year.

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