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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I'll be real honest with anyone who is putting much stock in the performance of some of our legitimate prospects in WBS...WBS sucks badly. You put guys like Tangradi, Bennett, Despres, and Morrow with NHL caliber players, I think you'd see better performance.

This WBS needs an infusion of some good veteran AHL talent to help these young guys coming in.

Tangradi isn't on his "last chance." In order to get a "last chance" he would need a "first chance."

I don't know if you can operate with a gentlemen's agreement in today's sports landscape, nor would I want to make deals like that. I'd rather just pay the guy what he's worth, which, if he's taking the same deal as Sid is 10.8 million, and then deal with what we have to deal with.

That whole "I get what Sid gets" was great when they could be signed to the same deal. It's a completely different ball game now. He can't get what Sid gets. Sid is getting the years, so since Geno can't get the years, he should get the money.

I don't know what the deal will be with how contracts are structured, but maybe something creative could be done there.

I do think Shero will swing a deal for another winger. Kulemin could be a great target. I'd also like Setoguchi.

A Cooke-Sutter-Dupuis line is something I'd feel completely comfortable throwing out there against any single top line in the league.
1. I know it wasn't a comment for me, but that's a good point about Tangradi. The only real 'chance' he got was where Geno was on the other wing and Hillary Duff's husband was the center (that one ranks right up there with Christensen centering Sid in my mind in the annals of Penguins coaching lore). Maybe if you stick him on LW with Geno and Neal he can do some of the things that Kunitz did. Yeah, you lose a little speed, but I think he'd prove to be better in the offensive zone in battles for the puck/controlling the puck. Maybe he resembles a little bit how Malone worked in the dynamic with Geno and Sykora. I'm not banking on it or even expecting it, but that would be the hope.

2. You may be right about the whole 'gentleman's agreement' thing. Then again, if Geno signed a 8 year deal for 8.7M per year, he'd be 35 (almost 36) when the deal expires. Maybe he'd think that's enough, figuring he can go to the KHL at that point or resign for 8.7M a year with the Pens (assuming there's an unenforceable understanding).

3. What I'd hope to see from Tangradi (or any linemate) with Geno and Neal is why I really, really want Kulemin. Problem is that he's probably going to cost you Bennett or Harrington. I think he's worth it (a) because I think he'd be the perfect complement, given his size and style, with Geno and Neal and (b) because I don't want Sid/Geno to do with less because maybe the prospect was the best player in the deal (which in three or so years he may be). Acquire a guy like Kulemin, then make the big deal at the deadline for a winger for Sid and Kunitz, slotting Dupuis down with Sutter and Cooke. I think back to the Philly series. The Flyers threw everything at the Kunitz-Geno-Neal line, and right fully so because Sid had no real help. I personally think, for as bad as the defense and Flower were in that series, the Pens win if Sid also had two legit wingers. I don't know, I just think, if the Pens have to have questions going into the playoffs, then they're better off with an extra question on defense than with a question about whether Sid and Geno both have the help they need to exploit the advantage that having both of them represents.

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