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Originally Posted by Will Hunting View Post
I understand, thatīs a fair point probably. Only difference there, but a big one. I have seen a great performance by Bennett in that awful offensive team. He was the only one who showed that he deserves more than playing in awful AHL team. I just donīt understand why not to give a fair chance to him. I think heīs ready to compete, he has that talent to understand fast offensive game which is required when playing with Crosby/Malkin.
Because I think Bennett has some other stuff to work on, aside from the offensive game. Fact also is, we need to make a decision on Tangradi. He's no longer waiver eligible, so only a few things can happen.

1. You give him a shot to make an impact here, and by shot, I'm talking REGULAR top 9 mins. Not 5 mins a game with Craig Adams. He needs to play with good players to be an impact...he's a complimentary forward. You can't compliment Craig Adams. I think his ideal spot is probably with Neal and Geno. Tangradi is more of a playmaker so putting him with two guys who can shoot like those two can, that'll be good for him.

2. Trade him, and try to get something for him

3. Send him down, and get nothing for him, as he will be picked off waivers.

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