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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
No, it isn't. Igf they're in the Olympics, what the point of the World Cup? Well, of course to make money fro the NHL and PA but no one cares about it outside of Canada and it has little value after the Olympics.
It's ALWAYS about the money.

Allowing the NHL'ers to participate in the Olympics is about the money. The NHL as a league could care less about the Olympics if it didn't expand the brand by exposing players to a different audience.

As for the World Cup, It's usualy held 2 years after the Olympics and yes, it is about the Money and Brand expansion, but it also provides GREAT Hockey as it is a tournament of All Stars actually playing hard as opposed to the abberation that we have to see year in and year out in the middle of the season.

Plus it's on the smaller rinks which I like and prefer.

Don't get me wrong, I like Olympic Hockey on the larger surface, but I prefer smaller rinks. It's a faster more physical game.

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