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01-06-2013, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
In my opinion these players have got to play well THIS SEASON or be on extreme pressure from the fans and McPhee to leave town.

Starting alphabetically:

Jay Beagle
Beagle is a pretty good player but with forwards Kuznetsov, Forsberg, and possibly Galiev moving up to NHL ranks shortly he could soon be replaced. Beagle is already 27 and hasn't made a huge NHL impact in a career that has been promising. If he doesn't get it together this season, I could see him being out of Washington

Possibility out of 1/10 if performs badly: 8

Troy Brouwer
This has nothing to do with latest CBA negotiations, Brouwer needs to step his play up. When we acquired him, there was a lot talk how he could make a large impact on our team. He's obviously been an efficient player in the NHL before but needs to transfer over to Washington or his name might be called. That being said, they would probably hold onto him for another year unless he has attitude issues and can't get it done whatsoever.

Possibility: 6

Jason Chimera
Chimera is one of the fastest players in the NHL. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't always translate over to goal scoring and play making. Last year he did have 20 goals and 19 assists, racking up 39 points but the past several years he's been inconsistent. His point totals include 26, 17, and 17 before last season. Being at 33, he has never got past 40 points in his entire career and if he puts up less than 26 points this year I see him being traded.

Possibility: 7

Mike Green
Yes, you heard right: Mike Green. The Mike Green who put up over 50 points three seasons. The Mike Green who set Washington Capitals records. Green has failed to play 50 regular season games since 2009 and hasn't reached past 25 points. In that time span he has only scored 11 goals in 2 years. If he has a mediocre season this year, he could be put on the trading block, especially if he suffers more injuries. That being said, I believe the shortened season will help Green and hopefully for us he has a comeback much like a Drew Doughty did in Los Angeles. If you get my drift.

Possibility: 5

Mathieu Perreault

Perreault is a really big fan favorite for many people. He is one of my favorite players and is a really great guy and talented player. Standing at 2 inches shorter than any player on the team, he has yet to make a huge splash in the NHL in 3 seasons with the Capitals. He only reached over 20 points once, and has a career 53 points. Hopefully for Perreault he puts up better numbers this season or I could see him being moved as were some of our other "talented" Hershey players. Unfortunately for the Caps, it might be one of those situations where he succeeds in another place and not in Washington. He reminds me alot of Daniel Briere, especially his stastics coming into the league. Very promising young man, let's hope he gets it done

Possibility: 7

Joel Ward

Oh, Joel Ward. Playoff here. Subject of race controversy. You've brought alot to the Caps over the past year. If you put up numbers like you did last season, though, you will find your way out. Ward put up no less than 29 points with Nashville in three seasons, scoring 40 goals in that time span. In one year alone in Washington he failed to crack the 20 point mark and had a measely 6 goals and 12 assists in 73 games. If he performs badly this season, he is good as gone.

Possibility: 10

Not sure I agree on all of these:

1.) I doubt Beagle gets moved. Those guys you mention won't be competing for the same spot/role as him and I think he was fairly good in his established role last year. That role may have been over-utilized by Hunter, but he did a fairly good job, brings some energy and (although this is 100% hearsay) is apparently very good and well liked in the locker room.

2.) I think Chimera is a good third liner, on a decent contract, and like you said he scored 20 goals last years. I wouldn't bank on him getting moved either or really being on the "hot seat"

3.) Mike Green - He just signed a 3 year deal, but if I had a personal hot seat he would be the one on it... He needs to step up or they need to find a way to replace him. IMO he was very impressive last season, WHEN HE PLAYED. If he continues to be injury prone, I could see movement, but I wouldn't hold my breath on anything happening with him.

4.) MP - Yeah, it'd be nice if he could develop some consistency. Intersting to see what happens with him.

5.) Ward - His contract makes him an almost ideal buyout candidate. I would agree he is on the hot seat here.

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