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My original post was made in haste. This deserves a bit more attention.

Watching these shows as a child? They were incredible.

Watching these shows as an adult? That is another story entirely.

Nothing more than bloated, 20 minute toy commercials. However, under then right conditions (high), they have the potential to be amazingly funny.

He Man, Transformers, and Gi Joe are three of the funniest shows, albeit in isn't intentional. Some of the crap that goes on in these shows is completely and utterly devoid of any sense or logic.

For example:

Gi Joe - How is it possible that a guy flying a hang glider can out maneuver and shoot down a helicopter? This is only one example. A 20 minute episode is filled with WTF? moments.

Strangely enough Transformers actually makes more sense then Joe, and that show is about robots from another freaking planet.

Transformers - Guilty too of weird ****.

Why would a GIANT robot from another planet need to be rescued by an earth boy?

In the original clip Hound is trapped by rocks. Spike swims down, picks up a boulder that couldn't weigh less than 1,000 lbs, and they swim to the surface.

Hound then uh....helps Spike. I can't find the original clip, but you get the idea:

Again, 20 minute episodes are filled with "Why did they do that?" moments. These shows make Prometheus look like it was written by a genius

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