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01-06-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by DCRedhawk21 View Post
Not sure I agree on all of these:

1.) I doubt Beagle gets moved. Those guys you mention won't be competing for the same spot/role as him and I think he was fairly good in his established role last year. That role may have been over-utilized by Hunter, but he did a fairly good job, brings some energy and (although this is 100% hearsay) is apparently very good and well liked in the locker room.

2.) I think Chimera is a good third liner, on a decent contract, and like you said he scored 20 goals last years. I wouldn't bank on him getting moved either or really being on the "hot seat"

3.) Mike Green - He just signed a 3 year deal, but if I had a personal hot seat he would be the one on it... He needs to step up or they need to find a way to replace him. IMO he was very impressive last season, WHEN HE PLAYED. If he continues to be injury prone, I could see movement, but I wouldn't hold my breath on anything happening with him.

4.) MP - Yeah, it'd be nice if he could develop some consistency. Intersting to see what happens with him.

5.) Ward - His contract makes him an almost ideal buyout candidate. I would agree he is on the hot seat here.
I do like Beagle as a teammate but hopefully Oates gets more out of him. Chimera like you said is a good THIRD liner but he doesn't belong on the first or second lines. I've seen him paired with Ovi and Johansson way too many times last season. The dude can't score.

Perreault I would hate to see go although he is inconsistent. Green I wouldn't mind going since he is injury prone and apparently the biggest party hard dbag on the team (I can confirm this as I knew his girlfriend). Very lazy and injury prone doesn't work together.

Ward is definitley a buyout for sure if they use it. I don't see them buying out any other player at this point though unless MP and Brouwer stink it up.

I put Green on the hot seat because he chokes during the playoffs and is injured during the regular season. We basically get nothing out of him. If he does it again like this I can almost guarantee he is gone along with Ward. Maybe Brouwer too since we've got so many young talent coming into town. Perreault is one of those guys who you love and you can't let go although he sometimes plays like garbage.

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