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Originally Posted by RedWhiteBlackGold View Post
This is the same structure as the NBA draft isn't it? How often does the worst team in the NBA lose out on the number 1 pick?
Out of the shadows at last...

Anywho I remember one year, big daddy stern gave the bulls rose (think they were somewhere in the 9-12 zone). here is what I got off wiki:

"With a slim 1.7% chance of winning the rights to draft number 1, the Bulls won the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery and selected first overall. With this, the Bulls became the team with the lowest chance of winning to ever win the lottery since it was modified for the 1994 NBA Draft, and second lowest ever."

As to how many teams win the first pick every time I watch it, the worst team doesnt win the top pick. So I m hoping we end up with the the first pick if we dont make the playoffs. And why not? We were screwed over by the last cba.

EDIT: just checked every nba draft since 2006. Worst team did not win any of them :\

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