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01-06-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Let's see what the details of the buyout provisions are. If the players are getting 100% of their salaries on the buyouts, then for example, the Habs aren't going to buy anybody out until the summer. Guys like Gomez and Kaberle would still nominally have roster spots for this season, just as they did heading into October.

Flip side, if you only had to pay them 2/3rds of their salary, then maybe you could start weighing the value of Gomez as your 3rd/4th line/spare player vs. a rookie or minor leaguer at the $$$ paid out for this year too.

Anyway, obviously Gomez will be bought out in the summer at the latest in order to make the next $64.3M cap. Good motivation for him to bounce back this year!

Players past Gomez, well, it will just come down to how they play this year. Bourque or Kaberle can still have value to the team, and sans Gomez, it will be TBD whether the Habs would want/need more cap space next year beyond his departure. Kaberle or Bourque could prove themselves worth retaining with good showings this season. Or could put themselves forward as options for the 2nd buyout slot as well.

All still assuming the buyouts are allowed anytime up to the start of the 2013-14 season/cap compliance deadline.

Based on information to date, I "predict" no immediate buyouts for the Habs, then. Gomez in the summer.
On XM radio they said the buyouts were at 2/3's remaining cash value.

The big advantage for the Habs to buying out Gomez after this season is that they only have to pay him 2/3's of the remaining cash, and get to avoid the cap hit. Since the cash is something like $3M - they'd only have to pay him $2M, and get to avoid the $7M cap hit. Gives them a ton more flexibility.

Same thing works for Briere, or anyone else who has a significantly front-loaded contract.

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