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01-06-2013, 11:14 AM
Blind Gardien
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I think it's premature to proclaim anybody is a sure buyout at the moment. Obviously Gomez is a verrrrrry likely candidate for the first buyout this summer. But who knows, maybe somehow he has a good enough season this year that a floor-seeking team wants him this summer just to get his salary vs. cap hit advantage. I don't personally see this happening, but who knows. Obviously he's gone from the Habs this summer, at any rate.

Past him, it's even less useful to speculate IMHO. Kaberle and Bourque would have been the leading candidates based on last season, but now they have another season to change it all (is Bourque even healthy?). Maybe somebody new emerges as a candidate (Gionta implosion, Markov injury issues, who knows). I don't think the buyout issue should be all-important to us for now. It'll sort itself out and/or become an issue in 5-6 months, but we have 48-hopefully-more games to watch first.

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