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I will say that I've been trying out this method of shooting (discussed it in detail here), and I honestly love it. I'm a very experienced player, and already had a very good shot shooting from the mid blade, with the puck a bit further away from my body, but now that I'm shooting more from the toe, with the puck closer to my body, my shot is definitely better. Not only a touch harder, but it just feels more natural once you get used to it, you can really feel the whip so well both in terms of flexing your stick, and having a sort of slingshot motion with your blade/wrists. I would occasionally sort of "top" my shots with my old shooting style (golfers will get that reference), but with this new style I'm more consistent even when off balance. I also feel like I can follow through harder than ever, when shooting from the mid/heel I'd only snap my wrists slightly, with this style of shooting I can really snap hard, and get that feeling of just flinging the puck at the net, which is awesome. Also, even on pure snap shots, where I just pounce on the puck and fire (as opposed to pull snap/wrist shots where you pull the puck in, then load up), my shot is a bit better, as I'm naturally loading up with pressure on the toe half of the blade now, which really does just let me load up the stick more easily and completely.

I'm currently using a P14, and I like it a lot, but for this style of shooting I *DO* wish it had more rocker at the toe, and a slightly lower lie, as this would allow me to get even pressure on the front half of the blade more easily. The E28 does seem like it could fit my needs perfectly, if they had it in a replacement blade I'd be all over it, but since it's only available in a top of the line OPS it'll be a tougher decision. I hope it's legitimately a lie 5 (i.e. Modano/PM9 lie), and not just a hair lower than a Sakic type lie.

One last point, I used to have a Hossa pro (BC01), and I didn't like it at all at the time, because I was trying to shoot the same way I did with a mid/heel curve. I had pretty much abandoned toe curves until picking up a P14 on a whim (which is really a mid-toe), and it has only become my favourite curve because I've tweaked my shooting mechanics. If you're not interested in tweaking your mechanics, stay away from toe curves. If I had seen these Easton shooting videos earlier, I might have stuck with the Hossa pro.

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