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01-06-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
Both sides could be "ugly." The Soviets (not all but some) would at times kick our skates to cut the laces. Rick Smith told me he was aghast at being spit on when the series began. Boris Mikhailov really hurt Gerry Cheevers in Game 4 with a viscous spear to the back of Cheevers leg.

But we were not angels. Gordie Howe broke (I believe it was Sergie Kapustin's) forearm with a slash. Rick Ley beat Valery Kharlamov into a bloody pulp at the end of Game 6. Andre Lacroix nearly sent Vladimir Petrov to the hospital in Game 7 with a spear to the groin (that Canadian referee Tom Brown didn't call.) Lacroix then got nailed for spearing 2 games later in Prague when Team Canada lost 3-1 to the Czechs.

I could go on. But this shows the levels that players on both teams would stoop to in the white hot intensity of International hockey.

Craig Wallace
It also shows the pathetic inadequacy of officiating, a trademark of the NHL since the beginning. Only recently has the game been called by the book. Of course, the international refs weren't adequate at times either.

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