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01-06-2013, 11:53 AM
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I can't wait to read the rules for these buyouts, I think we're going to see some nasty stuff with these depending on how they're written.

Arbitration rules will be interesting as well, players should use arbitration more than they do, I think this is an improvement.

Cap floor, combined with buyouts, will take away from some of the parity I've grown fond of. I'm not too happy about that.

200 million sharing still way too low to fix long-term issues. Also, players going to have a tough time making up money they lost, most won't get it back, some will come out ahead over the next few seasons.

Cap variance doesn't do enough, probably should have just let contracts stay were they were since they added two buyouts. Contract lengths don't do much to protect smaller clubs and bigger clubs didn't need that much help there in my opinion. I don't think this does anything to improve the quality of the product and I don't think it will have more than a marginal positive impact on more than a few players and a few owners. I'll have to see the rest of the CBA to make a stronger opinion on that issue.

With so much focus on short term cash, I'm getting a little bothered by how little attention was paid to how the rules will impact actual play. Maybe they can clean some of the language up for the final document.

Too bad US jrs didn't get to enjoy a few days of press coverage and quality coverage from bigger outlets in the states. Would have been much better for hockey in the U.S. overall. After 113 days, I could have waited 2 or 3 more for it to end while the US program received some worthy recognition and U.S. media acquainted themselves with future players. Coverage is so bad in some many markets, as a fan of the sport that was the one thing I was really excited about with the U.S. junior win. Even the NHL soured that as almost all the media that bothers to cover hockey will jump right to the lockout story in the states.

I'm glad there's NHL hockey, but this agreement (as it's been reported so far) really leaves a bad taste in my mouth for all the fuss the last 4 months.

Hopefully US corporate support for the league or major sports in general, isn't damaged too much.

I am happy that we have at least 8 years before the next stoppage though.

Time to catchup and review on the unsigned players and injuries around the league again.

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