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Lincoln (2012)

For me, the draw of this movie was in Daniel Day-Lewis. Yet when I sat down I was happy to see the approach Spielberg took was far from the overly-sentimental style he can occasionally fall into. This is a very talky film, although never really boring and it is easy to see how twisted politics worked even then. I also appreciated that Lincoln was shown to be imperfect, that may have been essential to the film, but Spielberg doesn't revel in his mythological "honest Abe". Still the highlight was Day-Lewis in an absolutely stunning performance. So much so that other very capable actors seemed to just be acting when confronted with him. I was big on the Phoenix bandwagon for a Best Actor win, but I wouldn't have any qualms with DDL taking it. A surprisingly good film.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

I'm glad I watched Lincoln before this, although nothing really connects the two they are both quite political nonetheless. Where I mentioned DDL makes others around him look worse, here Zero Dark Thirty makes Lincoln (a film I quite liked) look like amateur hour. It is an excellent thriller and at the end I did feel somewhat conflicted. Although Chastain in excellent I don't see it as having the emotional umph to make it a masterpiece but if not that then a small tier below because the rest of the film is fantastic. I think Bigelow here has established herself as one of the best directors working today and I wouldn't be surprised if she took home another, deserved, best director award.

Best of 2012
1. The Master
2. Zero Dark Thirty
3. Life of Pi
4. Amour
5. Looper
6. Django Unchained
7. Moonrise Kingdom
8. A Royal Affair
9. Rust and Bone
10. Holy Motors

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