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01-06-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by MaxLacoste View Post
Bergevin went to a lot of Rimouski games this year. I think they are really interessed by Frederick Gauthier. He would be a excellent 2nd line center. Great 1-2 punch with Gally. If we pick around 15-25 overall, I'll go with him. The best scenario would be that we pick Top 5 (Drouin), trade for a late 1st round pick a get Gauthier. After that we get complementary talent or long shot with our three 2nd round picks.

Perfect Scenario (will never happen, but let's dream a little)

1st pick (top 5): Jonathan Drouin
2nd pick (late 1st round) : Frédérik Gauthier
3rd pick (top tier 2nd round): Anthony Duclair
4th pick (1st half of 2nd round): Nick Sorensen
5th pick (late 2nd round): Mirco Muller
6th pick (top tier 3rd round): Nic Petan
7th pick (top tier 5th round): Samuel Morin
8th pick (top tier 6th round): Jake Montgomery
9th pick (top tier 7th round): Hampus Olsson

Dream draft ... The first pick can be argued, but it depends where we pick. Here's my top 5 picks: either of them and I would be happy.

You're right about Bergevin. He was here too when the Océanic was in town. He has seen a lot of Rimouski this year. Wouldn't be surprised either if we draft a guy like Lysenko in the 4th/5th. Hits like a truck, is pretty good defensively and has some offensive potential too, he's starting to pick it up. Not the heaviest slapper, but it's always on net. Bergevin has seen him at least 3 times this year.

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