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Originally Posted by Rickety Cricket View Post
Where can I check out the deal or at least some cliff notes of the deal?

Why then hell are the Sharks still running a 1-2-1 PK? (Sorry, I need to practice my heckling).
50-50 for all 10 years
300 make whole
1 way contracts in the ahl above a certain price count against the teams cap.
200 mill revenue sharing
14 team lottery (all 14 teams have a chance at 1st overall)
7 year max contract (8 if you resign your own free agent)
60 mill cap this year (but teams can spend up to 70.2 million)
season 2 cap is 64 million
2 buyouts (that don't count against the cap)
35% variance year to year on contracts, with the lowest wage on a year can be no less then 50% of the 1st years wage (so 10 mill in 1st year can go no lower then 5 mill in year 8) has it, and so does the winnipeg free press (don't know the website)

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