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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
Work paid for 60 days. I tried getting out of it, but it took 6 weeks to impanel a jury for this case and I came in on the last day of that process. I was on the last pool of 60 jurors and the 60th of 60 to get interviewed on a Friday with one jury slot left to fill. If they didn't pick me they were going to have to stretch into a 7th week and pull another 60 jurors. They dismissed others with similar hardships but when they got to me I was SOL. Bad luck and horrible timing.

I wish I could say it was an interesting process but it was brutal. I was an alternate as well so no deliberations for me. Just had to sit there, hear it all and leave.

Word to the wise, if you can defer your on-call service to the week of Thanksgiving, do it. Only 3 days of call-ins and during that week they did not actually call in any jurors. Christmas and New Years weeks were good as well. Avoid scheduling service for early-mid December. The weeks before Christmas it was a jury-fest. They called in 400-500 jurors a week.

Anyway... thankfully it's over and now I can get back to watching some hockey! :-)
Wow, what a brutal story. I have been on the "coffin corner" of jury selection as well, just missed me.

My God. Having been in the criminal justice system, I know what you are talking about. Trials can be incredibly boring. Long trials and you want to shoot yourself.

Hockey is my therapy. Seeing the Kings raise the banner? It's gonna be awesome.

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