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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Indentured servitude?

This kid was given opportunity that most of us can only dream of. It looks like he wasnt willing to put in the hard work required to turn the pumpkin into a carriage. Nobody is saying it is easy, but he had the opportunity to set himself up for life here. And he was/is free to decide that it isnt his bag and go home at any time of his choosing, which is what he eventually did.

The only sad part is seeing someone squander an opportunity of this magnitude, but if that is truly his desire, then he can get a Joe job like the rest of us pleebs.
This kinda smack of envy here to me, sure most of us would die for a chance to play, but we never really ever think out all of those ramifications either.

Your non answer to my previous question was actually answered by your slinece on it.

Very few of the "respect hockey" crowd would want to be treated this way in their professions at such a young age to boot.

I have had family members been involved in recruiting (football) where both sides have a choice about which university the player will be attending.

Junior hockey like it or not is not a non prophet enterprise, it's a business 1st and foremost.

Sure most of the people involved love the game but let's not cloud our judgement here about the situation as I bet few of us stay with any 1 organization in our lives either.

Originally Posted by dickiedunnwrotethis View Post
Given the opportunity? Or did he earn it by way of his talent? Is the Prince George management and coaching staff "putting in the hard work"? I don't know. Given the dismal record of this team over the last number of years that's a pretty open question.

Perhaps Forsberg is squandering an opportunity. With the old school mentality that remains prevalent in hockey circles, it wouldn't surprise me at all. So in that sense i take your point. But just once i would like someone to explain to me why when a team trades a player that GM isn't seen to have an "attitude"? Sure, their intelligence might be questioned, but no one suggests they have "character" issues. Nope, it's just 17 year old kids with that particular defect. It's an interesting double standard that seems particularly predominant in the sports world.
See I agree with this, it takes a balanced approach as both the team, league and players have needs and wants and they don't always agree or even have the same interests at heart.

I don't know or even care if Forsberg has an attitude problem, my concern is that his options are limited because of the over control (there really isn't a good argument as to why the draft is needed, every team has a 50 player list) of the league and team about his interests here.

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